The Oaksmere Hotel & Restaurant reopens its doors

It’s always brilliant news when a new business opens in Norfolk, and it tends to reinvigorate the local community, but when a much-loved former venue gets lovingly refurbished and opens its doors again, it’s really a cause to celebrate.

The Oaksmere Hotel & Restaurant in Brome, Diss is an exquisite 16th century building, and has recently enjoyed a complete refurbishment, welcoming their first week of customers last week. Original features and the picturesque gardens have been restored with such care and attention, and we’re very proud to say that Stanton and Stubbs have been in charge of the electrical renovation. Extensive work has been done to get the bar back up and running, which was always a mainstay of the Brome community.

We’re sure that the venue will bring in visitors from far and wide, but we were really pleased to be part of a team of local Norfolk tradesmen, who worked with locally sourced materials, wherever possible.

If you take a look at their website,, you’ll even be able to spot a certain Stanton and Stubbs member hard at work, lightbulb (or lamp, as he calls it!) in hand, amongst the pictures of the other tradesmen who worked on the renovation. Keep an eye on our portfolio, and we’ll be adding some pictures of our own soon.

It’s been one week reopened for the 500+ year old building, but we predict a lengthy future for The Oaksmere Hotel & Restaurant. Thank you for choosing Stanton and Stubbs to work on such a prestigious project.