We’re proudly Elecsa Registered – but what does that mean?

It might not be a name that means much to you, but when it comes to electrical work, you can equate the name Elecsa to ‘peace of mind’. Elecsa are a governing institution that registers contractors, and presides over yearly inspections and assessments of all those on their books, including us. We will be visited this year by an Elecsa representative to make sure we are maintaining the highest quality of work, and some of our previous jobs may get a visit to ensure standards were met.

Governing bodies, NICEIC and Elecsa have joined forces this year, meaning they’ve combined resources and expertise to make sure their assessors are getting the most out of every contractor. They estimate that this year, they will visit 33,000 contractors, and we’ll make up two of those!

When NICEIC and Elecsa joined, they were under the umbrella, Certsure. Just last month (Jan 2014), they announced that Certsure, and its counterpart, the ubiquitous NAPIT were also joining forces, which has seen these subsidiaries all join together for the good of the industry.

What it means for homeowners and landlords

The whole reason for being for Elecsa comes down to safety, and that’s never more important than in your home. They work on behalf of the government, but are run by contractors at heart, who want to maintain the high levels of expertise in the industry.

Part of the criteria that electricians are assessed upon is the Building Regulations enforcement, which we’ve spoken about in our previous post, Norfolk Landlords: Get Your Electrics checked for 2014. In their own words, “ELECSA registered contractors have been independently assessed annually to ensure that they are operating to the highest technical and professional standards.  As such they can self-certify their work as being compliant with the Building Regulations.” So there’s a weight off!

Elecsa have produced some new literature for their 2014 plans, and we have the pleasure in attaching their brochure here…