Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Something wonderful has happened since our last post about Lighting Ideas for your Home: the sun has finally come out! It’s natural, with the upturn in weather, that you’ll be thinking less about what to do within your own four walls, and more about how you can experiment with your outdoor lighting, and garden ideas.

You may think that some garden lighting ideas are beyond you; you may have sat in a beautiful landscape garden and thought that you could never achieve the same kind of lighting effects that you admire so much from theirs. Chances are, it’s one of a few limitations you’re placing on yourself. Unfulfillment of home and garden plans is usually down to ideas, budget or lack of knowhow. At Stanton and Stubbs, we can help with all three!

Following on from our last post, introducing our Pinterest board for Lighting Ideas, we’ve got board-happy, and created another one for your garden. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, and they have literally hundreds of posts for both domestic and commercial gardens. Click here for our recent pins, and perhaps you’ll recognise the spark of inspiration for your own little patch of green space.

To address the knowhow issue, you have a few options; firstly, you can have a non-electrical garden, of course, and you can get pretty creative with candles, or there are plenty of solar-powered lights on the market. If you feel that’s compromising your vision though, you can enter the endlessly imaginative world of garden tech. Simple lighting effects, like this elegant Garden Pond and Terrace job we recently did in Norfolk, can keep the life in your garden well after dark.  You may feel confident that the electrical installation of your outdoor lighting is something you can do yourself, and there’s great ‘How To‘ guides on the internet, including this great starter one from Homebase – Homebase How To.

While the principles of creating a safe electrical circuit are fairly simple, we also understand if it’s a job that you’d be interested in pricing up from an electrician first. The good news is that we do it every day, so no job phases us. We also offer a free quote on any sized job, so that handles the budget part of your plan!

Feel free to start following us on Pinterest, and share ideas too – you can send us pins to look at, and if it’s something you’d like for your own patch of paradise, call us for a quote.