How to Wire a 3-Pin Plug

Having a little electrical confidence is really important, both for homeowners and businesses and while we very much advocate hiring a professional, experienced electrician to carry out your more involved electrical tasks (obviously!), we want to take the fear factor out of those everyday jobs.

So, if one or more of your standard 3-pin plugs is looking a little tired or frayed, don’t let it get to the point where you see sparks coming out of the wall every time you plug it in…

Being a little camera shy, we can’t take credit for this video, so we thought we’d leave it to Tommy-off-of-the-telly to introduce the tutorial. If you ask really nicely though, we may be talked into doing a video of our own in the future. If you have an electrical conundrum you’d like to put to us to answer, just send us an email to and we’ll consider it for a future blog post.

For now though, here’s that handy little tutorial:

[youtube height=”488″ width=”650″][/youtube]