Need inspiration for your lighting projects?

We’ve been giving you ideas for your gadgetry wish lists for the last few weeks, covering wireless speakers, bulbs, thermostats and all sorts, but for those not interested in turning their house into a ‘smart’ house, you can still have plenty of fun, and be totally creative with good old fashioned lighting!

Sometimes all it takes is one picture to help formulate your own ideas for lighting in your home, so with that in mind, we’ve joined Pinterest to gather ideas for you. As well as our boards on Cool Tech and Home Inspiration, we’re going to keep adding posts to the Lighting Ideas board, thinking particularly what would work in different types of house in this region. What would suit the age and space of a renovated Norfolk barn, or light up a typical Norwich terrace?

We’ll keep updating that, and our other boards, so come and connect to us. Here’s the link to our Lighting Ideas board, where you’ll find a link to our whole profile.

Got any questions on how you’d make some of these ideas a reality? We’re more than happy to discuss your lighting projects, and even give you a free quote, so there’s no harm in asking. Just give us a call on 01379 788274.

Happy weekend you lot!