Norfolk is already one of the safest counties, but fit one of these security systems, and peace of mind (and nerdy satisfaction) will be achieved!

It’s Friday, so it means only one thing! Here’s your weekly bit of gadget wizardry – the iSmartAlarm. We’ve brought you news about smart lights, smart thermostats and now they’ve come up with something to protect the precious things in your home… (we mean your children and family, not your playstation!)
Have security peace of mind with this bad boy. The iSmartAlarm is a wireless system, and doesn’t need installation – at ease, Stanton and Stubbs – so it’s a great consumer product. There are several components, including two remote keys, so that if your entire house starts blaring its horn for no reason, you can switch it off from work!
The system can send you a message, email, or call to alert you of a security breach… best of all? It’s a sleek, white design, so it’s going to fit nicely into your collection of other home electrics.

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