Installing underfloor heating: the smart way

Getting cold feet?!

It’s Friday folks. Hopefully you’re looking forward to a warm weekend with your family at home, but with a winter nip in the air, we’ve chosen smart underfloor heating from Nu-Heat as this week’s tech focus. With zoned¬†controls and the ability to switch on your home heating while you’re still in the office, you’ll have cold feet no more!

If you’re currently building a house, or thinking of constructing a new-build in the Norwich, or wider Norfolk area and are currently making choices about your electrics and plumbing, underfloor heating is a sensible choice to heat the home. Instead of the traditional convection heating, it radiates heat all across the room, and because it’s fitted in zones, not only is it potentially warmer, but you can turn it off in the rooms that you’re not using.

If toasty toes sounds good, but installation seems a chore, you know who to call for a couple of reliable electricians!