Hiring an Industrial Electrician

If you own an existing business, or are looking to take on a new commercial venture, you will at some stage be thinking about hiring an industrial electrician. As well as our domestic day-to-day work, here at Stanton and Stubbs, we have extensive commercial experience, both in permanent commercial premises, and also temporary installations.

For existing businesses, a periodic assessment of the electrics in your commercial premises should be carried out every five years. As well as the obvious fire risk, government figures suggest that there were 19 fatal and 880 non-fatal shock accidents in the workplace last year.

All electrical devices are subject to deterioration, so even if the installation was performed in a safe and compliant way, sockets, wiring and switches will still be sensitive to the strains of use over time.

Buying electrical equipment for a business is a major investment, we know, so we will aim to help you get the most out of your kit; regular maintenance of your equipment will lengthen its life, reducing the need to buy replacements. We can PAT test your equipment, to make sure you’re on top of safety regulations and repair faulty electrics.

If you are a landlord, you have a duty of care to your tenants, which means you should test your electrics once every five years, or every time a new tenancy is agreed.  Read our blog post on advice for Norfolk landlords here…

Temporary electrics and cabling for events

As well as hiring an industrial electrician for your permanent residences, you may need to seek electrical advice or installation if you are putting on an event.

We have extensive experience working with events in Norfolk, providing testing, advice and installation. In 2013, we had a couple of standout jobs in that field. Norwich Body Art Festival – a local tattoo convention at Open Venue, on Bank Plain, Norwich had the same issue as many conventions; there was a hall full of stands, but there wasn’t the electrical infrastructure in the venue to provide electricity to each one. We assessed the options, and installed temporary cabling for the event, complying with the electrical safety regulations for the venue and council.

Sundown Festival, at the Norfolk Showground, welcomed around 45,000 people through its gates for its second year last year, and with extensive staging and trade stands, we were hired as industrial electrical contractors to make sure the event had that ‘spark’ it was looking for.

If you’re looking to hire an industrial electrician in Norwich, or the wider Norfolk area, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring for a free quote.