Cost of new build electrics

We understand that budgeting is the foremost consideration when taking on a self-build. We’ve all seen Grand Designs, where an epic build has turned into a money burner, and the project is halted without a roof! Your household electrics are fundamental to the planning, and are as essential as the bricks and mortar keeping you dry. You will need to consider lighting plans, power supply, heating options (factoring in your hire of a plumber too), whether you need power running to a garage or outhouse, and so much more. The website, Homebuilding and Renovating, has come up with a rough new build electrics cost guide, which is a good starting point, but worth bearing in mind it was published in 2010. A call to us on 01379 788274 will start you on the road to getting an accurate free quote for your job.


Wiring for the future

When you live in a typical Victorian terrace, for example, it’s easy to see how our lives have changed over the years by the number of sockets in the wall. If you’re the same as many households, you’ll be overloading your sockets, trying to meet the demand of power for all the gadgets and devices in your house. There have been recent innovations that take into consideration ‘what’ we use power for, and not just ‘where’. At Stanton and Stubbs, we love a bit of tech wizardry, and the addition of USB sockets to the market has impressed us, like this one pictured.

There’s a fair range on offer at

Furniture First

We’ve all been there; you set up the room exactly to your taste, with everything in its right place, then realise your TV is nowhere near the socket, or to switch on a simple lamp, you’d need 3 feet of extension cable running the length of your carpet, through the middle of the room – not a good look! With a new-build, you have the luxury of deciding where the furniture goes first, and then working around it. If there are dark corners, you know you’ll need some power for a lamp, or if you’re planning to hoist your flat screen on to the wall, is there power for your DVD player etc nearby?

If you’re contemplating a self-build house in Norwich, or the wider Norfolk area, give us a ring on 01379 788274 and we’ll be happy to chat to you and give you a no obligation quote. We’re based in Long Stratton, but can service the whole Norfolk area.